The Flanders Diamond Collection

The Fire Brilliant CutThe Flanders Brilliant is a full square brilliant cut. The stone is polished to perfection. The angles and proportions of the facets are carefully calculated to increase the stone’s ability to catch and play with the light. The upper facets on the crown of the stone enhance the fire, while the deep sides, called the pavilion are designed to improve reflection, hereby producing a beautiful gem filled with fire and sparkle.

To look at the Flanders Brilliant is to look at a magical lightshow of dazzling and stunning brilliancy.

The Flanders Brilliant is undoubtedly the most attractive shape, combining to perfection brilliancy, fire and scintillation.

The Flanders Brilliant starts out from the fact that the most important facets, meaning the table, the stars the bezels and the pavilions, need to have the same typical features as the round brilliant.

Moreover the Flanders Brilliant needs to meet some supplementary conditions

seen from above, the edges of the table and the stars have to match a pattern of two perfect squares, with a difference in angle of 45 degrees. The round brilliant does not need to fulfill this condition : its sides of the corresponding squares can go from slightly collapsed to a little blown up.

View from above, the four largest girdle facets need to be of equal length as the sides of the quarters. Moreover they need to be parallel to and be located at an equal distance from the sides of one of the squares.

Besides their lengths, the same conditions apply to the four small girdle facets, but in this case compared to the sides of the twisted square. This, among others, results in the sides of the first square pointing inevitably at the angular points of the girdle.
Using the strict rules of analytical geometry and adding the other requirements for excellent or very good (perfect symmetry, closing of all facets, smooth polish etc..), every mathematical freak will say that the geometry of the “Flanders Brilliant” is indeed very remarkable and unique.

Its brilliancy is in fact the translation of all the exceptional aspects which are hidden mathematically and technologically in the stone. The “Flanders Brilliant” is also one of the rare models which are attractive in more than one position, i.e. either with the long girdle level horizontally, or shifted in an angle of 45 degrees. Many people are extremeley surprised at first, when they observe the model diagonally, but after a while most of them find the stone even more attractive in that position.

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