How does the Victoria frame ring work?

How does the Victoria frame ring actually work?

It’s simple!

The Victoria frame ring is comprised of the 2 rows of diamonds set in 18k Roseguld.

These 2 rings are joined together on the underside of the rings at just the correct distance to insert a middle ring of your choice. Creating a frame for the middle ring.

The ring in the middle in the picture below is “Mayfair 0.47”.

The 2 side rings of the Victoria then lightly grip the middle ring so that the center diamond of the Mayfair ring 0.47 is always in the middle of the 2 rows.

This gives you the option to ware the middle ring separetly or in the middle of The Victoria frame ring.

As always with hand made rings made by  Juvelerare David Harper the Victoria frame ring can be made in  different colour gold white, yellow, or red gold and even in platinium.

You can also choose the ammount of diamands and even the size of the diamonds used. And even the middle ring can be changed. Why not a plain band ring in the middle.

All Jewellery made by Juvelerare David Harper carry the David Harper sign of quality.

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